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 Home Inspection - Prior to Purchase

Full home inspection report including the summary page, this is the "test drive"

Radon Testing

Western North Carolina is known to have elevated levels of Radon Gas. Is it wise to have your home tested.

WDIR Pest Inspection

There is nothing worse than having your house devoured by termites and other wood destroying pests. A WDIR inspection gives a peace of mind that your house is not a sawdust sandwich.

Mold Inspection

Do you smell a musty odor? Is there something growing on the walls/ceiling? Truth: Mold spores are everywhere and it doesn't take much to create a perfect growing environment inside.

Get your home tested to ensure there is a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Water Testing

Are you drinking muddy water? Does your water have a taste? Get it tested for pH, hardness and bacteria levels. I offer a couple of options to fit your needs.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Get a head start on the selling process. This provides insight as to what may need attention or repair before listing the home for sale.

4-Point Inspection

Don't want to get a full inspection? This allows up to 4 major components (Furnace, Electrical Panel, Roof, Crawl Space).

*This does not qualify for a full home inspection report

Follow-up Inspection

Need a second glance? I will inspect the "issues" checklist from a previous inspection (6 months prior to date)